Mayo-Stille Scissors Novocut


Novocut™ (Tungsten Carbide blades w/ 1 micro serrated blade), Rounded blades

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Orange’s Mayo Novocut Scissors are handcrafted with tungsten carbide inlays that increase durability, provide the sharpest cutting edge and extend the lifetime of the product. The rounded blade with the micro serrated Novocut edges allows for precision and clean cutting while working with the most delicate of tissues. Novo Surgical’s Mayo Scissors are ideal for routine cutting, including of sutures, but are durable enough to withstand dissecting of heavy fascia tissue. Straight scissors are ideal for surface level use while the curved pattern is better for use deep within tissue or muscle. NovoCut© scissors combine the performance and precision of supercut with the durability of tungsten carbide cutting edges.

1) feature tungsten carbide inlays on both blades for increased durability, sharper cutting edges and enhanced service life.

2) feature gold-plated handles.

Technical Specifications:

Specialty: Scissors – Tungsten Carbide

Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: Tungsten Carbide

Grade: Premium Operating Room

Sterility: Non-Sterility

Usage: Reusable

Additional information

Weight 149.99982161 g