Unicorp Instruments Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturer of instruments for dentistry and surgery, based in Houston, Texas, USA. We provide a broad range of products including Diagnostic, Periodontal, Surgical, Restorative, Orthodontic and Disposables. Our products are sold under the brand name “Orange”.

Our instruments are made from the finest surgical stainless steel and meticulously handcrafted to ensure superior performance, longevity, reliability and  uncompromising quality. Our instruments are specifically engineered and produced to meet stringent standards for performance. The ergonomic designs provide maximum comfort and safety to both doctor and patient. A wide range of instrument designs are available to meet various situations and doctor preferences.

The instruments represent our mission of continuing to meet the demands of our customers. For the latest in stateof-the-art design, you can depend on Orange Instruments to deliver only the finest products. Our website will provide you with more information about our product line.

Orange Instruments stands behind every instrument. In today’s demanding healthcare environment, investing in Orange Instruments is a significant step in controlling costs and improving patient care. Any Orange instrument that should prove defective during usage due to faulty material and/or workmanship will promptly be replaced.

At Orange Instruments, we recognize that to succeed in business, a company cannot be merely average. Both product and service must be superior and we constantly strive to improve both. If you’re looking for a partner on the road to success…a company that recognizes and practices the philosophy of mutually beneficial business relationships…think Orange Instruments.

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