How long will it take for my instruments to arrive?

We stock millions of dollars of inventory across more than 7,000 instruments at our domestic warehouses. Most general instruments and high-volume specialty instruments are in stock for immediate delivery. Some low-volume specialty instruments are made to order, which can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks, and in rare cases longer. For standard ground orders, please allow 1-2 days for processing time and an additional 5-7 business days for shipping. If you have an urgent need, please ensure to place your order with expedited shipping service (next day, second day or three day). Orders with expedited shipping service are processed and shipped the same day. You will be notified if an item placed under expedited service is not available for immediate delivery. You can always call us at 832.641.7376 to inquire about product availability before placing your order.

Where are your instruments made?

Orange Instruments are primarily forged and hand-finished in a town in Southwest Germany called Tuttlingen, which is the major global hub for surgical instrument manufacture. A small selection of our instruments are made at our production facilities in other countries including the Pakistan, Switzerland and Belgium.

Can you cross reference a part code from another brand?

Yes, we can, please call our customer service team to make an inquiry.

Do you offer custom instrument design and manufacture services?

Yes, we actually specialize in the manufacture of hard-to-find, discontinued or custom instruments. Please contact a member of our customer service team and provide your requirements. The best case scenario is to provide a sample instrument that you would like replicated; in most cases we would need the instrument for approximately two weeks so that our product team can review the item and ensure it is within our capability to produce. A sample always ensures we can match your requirement exactly. We understand, however, that a sample is not always available, so the next best thing is to provide as much information as you can provide. This includes item part numbers, manufacturer names, photos, illustrations and detailed specifications or measurements.

Once we receive your sample and/or requirements, it typically takes 7-10 business days to review the information, confirm we can produce the item and provide a quote. If you accept and place a purchase order, we will put the item into production. If the item is a simple modification of an existing item we have available, there is no technical drawing required and we can put the item into production immediately. If the item is substantially different from any existing product we provide, someone from our engineering team may produce a technical drawing, which we will then send to you for sign off.

Lead times for custom instruments depend on several factors, including complexity, availability of existing forgings or raw material, quantity needed, etc. In most cases, it takes approximately 10-12 weeks. While we try our best to avoid minimum quantity requirements, in some cases, a minimum quantity would apply. Please note that custom instrumentation is not returnable, unless there is a material defect or it substantially differs from the specifications provided and/or approved.

What are the terms of your instrument warranty?

Please see our Warranty page for our complete warranty policy. In a nutshell, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our products which covers everything except routine maintenance (like sharpening of scissors or punches) and damage caused by improper maintenance or misuse. Examples of problems covered by our comprehensive warranty include instances of pitting, staining, or broken components like springs. To file a warranty claim, please contact one of our customer service representatives. They will provide you with a form to complete along with your return. All instruments returned under a warranty claim are reviewed by one of our technicians to determine eligibility under the warranty. Completing a form does not necessarily mean that your item will be covered under warranty. You will be notified regardless of the result of our technicians’ inspection and the offered resolution.

Why do I not see an option for free ground shipping?

We offer free ground shipping throughout the continental United States for orders above $250, placed online by customers who have created an account and are logged in at the time of checkout. If you are not logged into your account, and you attempt to checkout as a guest, the free ground shipping option will not appear. Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico as well as international destinations are unfortunately not eligible for free shipping. Please contact our customer service team if you are having any difficulty checking out with free shipping. Unfortunately, barring technical problems, free shipping is only offered for orders placed online or through our various contractual commitments.

What type of surface finish do your instruments have?

The vast majority of our instrument patterns come in a satin, or dull, finish, which minimizes the glare that may distract surgeons and hinder visibility under operating room lights. This is the standard finish of most instrumentation used in operating rooms today. However, our stock patterns of certain instruments come in alternate finishes, including chrome (highly-polished), titanium (mostly for lighter weight microsurgical instruments), insulated (blue nylon coated for electrosurgery), ebonized (black coated for laser surgery), and ceramic coated (titanium nitride coating for added durability).

Do your instruments ship sterile?

Orange instruments does not ship sterile instruments and should always be sterilized prior to use, as is the case with most operating room grade instrumentation. There are a handful of exceptions to this including single use items such as knife blades and examination sets, which do come in single use sterile packets.

Do you offer varying grades of surgical instruments?

Orange Instruments offers only a single grade of premium, operating room grade reusable instruments as part of its standard stock offering. We do not offer an economy, disposable or floor grade line of instrumentation. However, in cases of large volume requirements, we may be able to accommodate such requests. Please contact our customer service team with your requirements for further information.

Where can I find a copy of your Instructions for Use (IFU)?

Please contact a member of our customer service team for a copy of our IFU for the product line you are interested in.

Do you offer any pricing discounts?

We do offer various promotions throughout the year on certain instruments as advertised on our home page. In addition, your facility may also have access to contracted pricing tiers by virtue of your membership in a group purchasing organization. If you are aware of any such memberships, please contact our customer service team and they can activate your online account so you have access to contracted price points online. Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you are unaware of your affiliations and we would be happy to try to look them up for you.

Why has my credit card been charged even though my order hasn’t yet shipped?

Orange Instruments will typically charge a customer’s credit card for online orders at the time of order placement or shortly thereafter, even if the product has not yet shipped. This is because the credit card authorization for your online order expires after a short period of time, and in case your item(s) are on backorder, the authorization may expire prior to us being able to capture payment. We would then have to call you back to receive your payment information once more to charge your card prior to shipping your order. To avoid that, we capture all payments at the time of order placement. Rest assured, if you have been charged, we have a record of your payment and order, and it will ship as soon as it becomes available.

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