Basic Surgery Kit


Set of 27 essential instruments for basic implant surgery.

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Basic Surgery Kit

Set of 27 essential instruments for basic surgery kit. This set comprises following instruments.

  1. Minnesota cheek retractor
  2. Scalpel handle flat with scale
  3. Scalpel handle round, straight
  4. Ochsenbein chisel OCH2
  5. Periosteal elevator Seldin
  6. Periosteal elevator Prichard
  7. Periosteal elevator Buser
  8. Periosteal elevator Molt
  9. Periosteal elevator 24G
  10. Surgical Curette
  11. Surgical Curette
  12. Gracey curette 13/14
  13. Kirkland knife
  14. Orban Knife
  15. Modified Frazier aspirator
  16. Adson saw tissue forceps
  17. Wide pincette
  18. Mayo-Hegar needle holder
  19. Hemostatic forceps
  20. Iris scissor TC
  21. La Grange scissor TC
  22. Friedman bone rongeur
  23. Castro gauge CVD, small
  24. Towel clamp
  25. Bone well
  26. Mallet
  27. Mirror handle with mirror

    Technical Specifications: Basic Surgery Kit:

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated

    Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes

    Polished: Yes

    Usage: Left Hand or Right Hand

    Tests Performed: Shape Test, Boil Test and Performance Test

    Packing: Individually Packed

    QC Passed: Yes

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