Crown and Bridge Adapter

Crown and Bridge Adapter


Crown Gripper TC

Crown Gripper TC

Crown Spreading Forceps


Crown Spreading Forceps:

Smooth & precisely operating crown spreading forceps.

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Crown Spreading Forceps:

Smooth & precisely operating crown spreading forceps. Once the crown has been cut through, the beak is inserted into crown and gentle pressure is exerted to spread the crown. As the crown is spread parallel, there is a less risk of fracturing the preparation. An Allen key is supplied along with the crown remover for adjusting the beak if necessary.

Technical Specifications – Crown Spreading Forceps:

Material: German Stainless Steel

Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated

Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes

Usage: Left Hand or Right Hand

Sterile or Non-Sterile: Non-Sterile

Disposable or Reusable: Reusable

Tests Performed: Shape Test, Boil Test and Performance Test

Latex or Latex-Free: Latex-Free

Packing: Individually Packed

QC Passed: Yes

Additional information

Weight 200.00021574 g

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