Frazier Tube


This aspirator control suction by covering relief hole.

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Frazier Tube:

Modified Frazier Aspirators are made from surgical stainless steel and meticulously handcrafted to ensure superior performance and longevity and Frazier Surgical Aspirators regulates the control of suction force with a relief hole. This opening can be covered or uncovered with the index finger in order to control the amount of suction. Good appropriate suction of fluids (e.g. saliva, blood and irrigation solutions) can guarantee perfect visualization of the surgical site. When leaving the hole uncovered it will function as an exhaust hole for air to escape. This permits less suction and therefore soft tissues will not be picked-up by the tip, only fluids will be aspirated. Covering the exhaust hole will allow stronger suction picking up soft tissues with the aspirating action. The Frazier Surgical Aspirator gives excellent access inside the oral cavity.

Tip: 4mm

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