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Sterilization Cassette


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Mesh Sterilization Cassette 10 Inserts


Dimensions Mesh Sterilization Cassette 10 Inserts:
195mm x 140mm x 35mm

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Mesh Sterilization Cassette 10 Inserts serves as a crucial tool for the safe handling and storage of surgical instruments during the sterilization process, effectively reducing the risk of injuries. Crafted with a combination of lightweight yet durable materials, our Mesh Sterilization Cassettes are engineered to withstand the rigors of everyday dental practice.

Our Mesh Sterilization cassettes have been meticulously designed to offer maximum storage capacity while retaining a compact and space-efficient form. The upper and lower lids are connected through a secure hinge, facilitating effortless access and ensuring a reliably secure closure. Additionally, the inclusion of a button lock on the side provides an additional layer of sturdiness, enhancing the overall protection of your instruments. These cassettes are adept at accommodating instruments with lengths of up to 7.5 inches, offering exceptional flexibility and versatility in instrument storage.

To keep your instruments securely in place within the cassette, we have equipped Orange’s Mesh Sterilization Cassettes with adjustable silicone attachments. These attachments, located on the lower and upper lids, provide a firm grip on the instruments, preventing any unwanted movement or damage during storage and transit. The silicone material offers flexibility and adaptability to accommodate instruments of various sizes, further enhancing their safety.

Our sterilization cassettes are meticulously crafted from high-quality medical-grade stainless steel. This choice of material ensures exceptional resistance to rust and scratches, allowing the cassettes to maintain their integrity and longevity even after undergoing numerous sterilization cycles in an autoclave. Orange’s sterilization cassettes are specifically designed to meet the demands of a clinical environment, offering reliable and hygienic instrument storage.

When you choose Orange’s Sterilization Cassettes, you’re making a selection in favor of superior instrument organization and protection. Our sterilization cassettes provide convenience, durability, and functionality, offering a dependable solution for storing and transporting dental instruments. You can trust Orange’s unwavering commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing high-quality dental instruments to elevate your clinical practice.


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